Thermal power

We have a diversified supply of 资源 that make up our fuel mix which include, 水电, 煤炭, 和 natural gas. Our thermal power facilities include electricity from natural gas 和 煤炭 which is outlined below.


Gas-fired power

PSE owns nine natural gas-fired power plants with a combined generating capacity of approximately 1,900 megawatts. The latest addition to the utility’s gas-fired fleet is the 270-megawatt Ferndale Generating Station. PSE acquired the Whatcom County facility in late 2012.

In addition to the Ferndale plant, we have gas-fired power-generating facilities in Pierce (完了, with two facilities), Skagit (到教室),考利兹(薄荷农场) 和 Klickitat (Goldendale) counties, as well as three other plants (怀特霍姆Encogen 和 suma in Whatcom County.

Gas-fired power is safe, requires no disposal or storage of dangerous wastes 和 emits far less carbon dioxide than other power 资源 that use fossil fuels.

Coal-fired power

PSE’s 煤炭 portfolio dropped by 307 MW to 393 MW in January 2020 when plant operator 和 co-owner Talen Energy closed Units 1 & 2 at the Colstrip Power Project in eastern Montana.

完了 Thermal Plant